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“You look good for a pregnant chick”. I heard this more than once and I never really know how to respond. I guess its a compliment? Either way I shake my head… I didn’t know that people expect a pregnant woman to let herself go completely. There are definitely things that I have no control over- the dimples on my bum, the increasing areas of skin that were never meant to touch (bum on thigh), extreme tiredness, the waddle. Those are just me. Hearing stories from other pregnant women I know there are many more things that happen that are literally out of our control. Even with those things, why is it so shocking if a pregnant woman looks good? Puts on some makeup? Wears something pretty? I know some days I feel so crap I am spread out on the bed like a beached whale with no bra and my boyfriends underwear on. But other days it makes me feel better to put on makeup and do things that make me feel “normal” (meaning the way I feel not pregnant), pretty, put together. This is supposed to be that beautiful time of your life. Making a human. Special. I say, do things for yourself that make you feel that way. Maybe not EVERYday. Who has the energy for that? But enough that you don’t lose yourself completely. That even though your bum has gotten out of control and you walk funny you still feel good about yourself. Proud of your changing body (even if you don’t like the changes). 

I searched high and low for some cute pregnancy clothes. Why should I give up on fashion just because my belly is growing? In Vancouver, Canada the stores were pretty lame. Its like the only people that would want to wear these clothes are women that don’t have any more eggs to make a baby! Where are clothes that a young(ish) fashionable chick would wear???Topshop in Vancouver has a very small maternity section. I heard H&M does also. I ended up looking online. My favourite was http://www.ASOS.com. Their maternity clothes are actually quite cute and reasonably priced (I got dresses from $25 – $50 average). They come from the UK though and the duty can be expensive. So make sure you are prepared for that. I also found wickedly comfortable and cute linen pants and shorts on the Mothers En Vogue site (Singapore http://www.mothersenvogue.com). They were a bit more expensive but shipped right away and I didn’t pay duty. Maybe I lucked out. I put a picture of them below. The weekender pants. You can wear the belly part, up over the belly or fold it down like the picture. Sometimes I lounge around the house in them. LOVE them. 


Honestly though with the ever expanding body you have to get creative. I have a few of the short in the front, long in the back shirts. Cheap ones I got with studs on the shoulders. The front got way too short… So I turned it around. Perfecto!! So now it doesn’t cover my bum… But I can still wear a piece of clothing that has cool details! Depending on the neckline this may not work. Tights have been my staple clothing. I got the TNA tights from Aritzia (in a bigger size, well 2 sizes bigger) and wear them with most things. They have helped with my thighs. Before I got pregnant I was always self conscious about my outer thighs. Then all of a sudden the fat started to go ALLLLLL the way around! OH MY GOD! What is happening? Chafing that’s what! So tights has been good for that. Also, I got some large nike dry fit bike shorts to wear under dresses. AMAZING! They help keep my bum off my thigh (the sticking and unsticking while walking in the humidity of manila made me feel gross) and stopped the chafing of the inner thighs. Good luck on the clothing search! Some of my friends were like “you don’t need maternity clothes”. And maybe some of those skinny bitches didn’t. But the shape of my body and the way I was feeling I needed to feel comfortable. Be creative. Search search search! Splurge a little if you think you will feel good about yourself. Why not?



Here is another topic that I’m sure pregnant women will have very different ideas on. Grooming helps me feel like I did before I got pregnant. It makes me feel put together. Even though my body feels fat, sweaty and uncomfortable. I am 37 weeks and feel FAR from sexy. I haven’t seen my vagina in months. But I still insist on waxing. Even though its probably far from pretty and doesn’t get visited – I still wax. One thing that is damned near impossible though is shaving my legs. I did before the pregnancy photoshoot but it would have been comical for anyone to watch. I had to get down on one knee in the shower and could barely get around. I’m hoping maybe I can wax them too soon enough. The prickles bug me. But YAY tights! The farther along in my pregnancy the more I want to do to feel pretty. I got gel nails with french tips put on for my photo shoot and I LOVED them!!! Unfortunately the place I went to (California Nails in Manila) did a crap job and I peeled them off within 5 days. I am debating putting them back on somewhere else. *My doctor said it was ok as long as the nail bed area was clear.* The other thing I did (since labour is coming soon and I know I will look terrible after) is get semi permanent eyelashes. The best part is I feel pretty with way less makeup and I get ready so much faster!  Some people may think these things are silly. I think as long as you aren’t doing any damage to yourself or the baby and it makes you feel better then GO FOR IT! Feel beautiful. Look beautiful. Be that glowing pregnant woman! Maybe you will be lucky enough for the backhanded compliment “you look really good for a pregnant chick”…